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You could only see the outlines of their nude bodies as they pleasured one another. Both are "adult" escapes for couples, where clothing is optional and where anything goes. The buffet lunch was limited but had a little bit of everything, fruit, salads, meats, chips and guac. I soon felt another pair of hands on me, between my legs, and I immediately knew it was my husband. Welcome to Hidden Desires Resort. She told us to sit down on the bed as she took out her stereo and plaid some sexy music. It was. She continued massaging. And if anyone who has applied would still love to join us I will be accepting apps and answering the few questions. One actually sat on the bar top while the other one ate her out.


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Feeling a little uncomfortable, we peaced out and headed back to our room to get ready for dinner. At the Desire Pearl we stayed in one of the Master Suites which came with a private terrace, two bathrooms and a living room, all with individual climate control. I have faith in our honesty and our respect for each other. Like many locations in… View On WordPress. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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On purpose. We witnessed something interesting at the beach. This time they really gave us a show! We are definitely glad we got to experience some of what Desire had to offer. Back at home 7 is bath-time and 8 is bedtime. They trust each other and they want to make their partner happy no matter what floats their boat. There are several clothing optional resorts in the world. Everything is where you need it, when you need it. She gave me a business card so that we can keep in touch and she can let me know when her app launches so I can check it out and share it with my dears yes you. We're Hiring! I spoke to so many different people, from all over the U. It has to be said, the Desire resorts attract a different range of visitors and certainly not all of those are genuine nudists. We are still an active group! This is absolutely what many people are looking for in a getaway — and I'm so glad that there's places that exist where couples can really be themselves and where this is celebrated. Below, you will find frequently asked questions regarding Temptation Resort, its new concept and the great…. — Desire Resort's International Swingers Month ISM

  • And if anyone who has applied would still love to join us I will be accepting apps and answering the few questions.
  • By we had a show to watch.
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  • One actually sat on the bar top while the other one ate her out.
  • It was pretty wild and everyone seemed to enjoy the show.
  • For the first time in my adult life, I felt incredibly naive and unprepared — and it was pretty hilarious.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using this link. We are not nudists and we are not swingers. We walk into the lobby to check in. It was very nice and classy, modern. The staff is very nice. The women who worked the check-in dressed very sexy…short skirts, heels, dark makeup. To prevent people from getting overwhelmed there was no nudity allowed in the lobby area. The buffet lunch was limited but had a little bit of everything, fruit, salads, meats, chips and guac. As we sat and ate…exhausted from the day, we sipped on champagne and took in our surroundings. Nudists: old, young, thin, chubby, real boobs, fake boobs, big dicks, small dicks, you name it. Couples lounged on the beds that surrounded the pool area next to the buffet. Some were chatting away with other couples, some quietly sunbathing, some sipping on cocktails. These people have no inhibitions whatsoever and I applaud them. They left their troubles and insecurities at home and simply came to. To live. We were on a mission to witness something worth talking about. We walked around, found a quiet spot at the beach, but the beach was kinda dirty from the coral reef. We simply relaxed and enjoyed the peace and quiet. We watched couples strolling nude hand in hand.

A Newbie’s Guide to the Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort in Cancun

I hear it asked, how can you be married, be a hotwife, and call yourself faithful? I Desire resort tumblr faith in our honesty and our respect for each other. Now try to understand this, could be difficult to follow along. I am faithful to my sexuality. Our trust, love, and communication is at an Deisre time high. We do this for us. I also love watching them suck his long shaft deep into their throats. If any of you girls gets a message from this kid be yourself never let a douche bag still your shine!

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Desire resort tumblr. Our Desire Resort Experience…..Sensuality. Eroticism. Pleasure.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is Desire resort tumblr. This was the first time in our lives that we were going to visit a resort that promotes sensual nudity rather than non-sexual nudity. On purpose. The resorts we mean, not the sensual thing. Of course this was a big step for us as promotors of non-sexual nudity and we felt that it would be unfair towards Desire to fill our review about their resorts with our ideas about what they promote. So from the beginning we have decided to split this review in two parts. Also check out: Our Ultimate Guide for naturism in Mexico :. Earlier this week we have published an article Blog stats which we shared our personal opinions and thoughts about visiting a sensual resort as a genuine nudist and in this piece we will focus on what the Desire resorts actually have to offer. As the name already gave away, both resorts are at the Mexican Riviera Maya, a wonderful stretch of coastline in the Yucatan Peninsula which goes all the way from Cancun towards the border of Belize. This is Desire resort tumblr you will find both Desire resorts at about a 15 minute drive from each other.

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ISM Event. This is the 5th year that Desire has hosted this event. The event will feature four workshops that are hosted by VIP attendees.

Many couples headed back home…back to reality.

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Desire’s premier dinner restaurant, Aphrodite, serves unique interpretations of international dishes in a romantic, sensual room. Dinner is served from 6 to 10 p.m. While no reservations are required, if you have a time preference, book your table the day before. Desire is an all-inclusive resort, so there’s no extra charge for any meal. Desire Resorts – Couples Only and Clothing Optional. Toll Free USA & CAN: 1 México: 01 Home; Desire Resorts is for couples who are looking to rekindle the flame by adding excitement and spontaneity to their Desire Pearl Resort & . General Desire Forums - all locations Topics Posts Last post; General info about both Desire Resorts Properties - registered members only This is the place for you to ask general questions that apply to both Desire RM and Desire Pearl Topics Posts Last post by TOMKAT Fri Jul 19, pm.

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