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Soundgasm feminization

An extremely simple awakener with an amnesia instruction intended to be the awakener at the end of a long playlist of connected files. I Wanna Suck Cock plays. Author dystopialegion. Based on the Imp Mothers from the Legion alpha. Voiced: Victoria Shine. Welcome to St. Cock Craving Crotch Addiction plays. A plane Crash lands Justin, his wife Claire and their year-old daughter Erin in the mysterious town with a population of heavily pregnant women. Author chr2s-cr1ss. Goodfairy 1 70 plays. Welcome to the Sissy Acadamy 60 plays. Sweet Saffron. White XxXmas!

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Hypno Cock 1 plays. Scripts fsa request mpreg please. BBC sissy slut plays. Vampire Blood Farm. Place this induction in your playlist prior to a body file containing suggestions or commands. Check out the Newbie Files.

I have to start doing hypnosis somewhere, start it out with basic sessions I'll call back to later, well this is the start. Joining can get you early file access, and special backer-only files. Feel free to comment. Beginner Slut - Carol 1 play. Skip to main content. Sissy Insatiable Need for Cock 5 plays. A combination of dominantly taking control of your cock and transformation themes concerning its slow slide back into your body as your muscles relax and tug it back within and out of sight. Sequel's gonna have some kind of mind control vampire eye flourish twist. Fucking You Loose by Victoria Shine. Hentai panel challenge. Those of you with any experience tightening your asses and making your cocks squirt on their own might find a hands free surprise at the end.

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  • Cock Sucking Sissy 3, plays.
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  • Strap on.
  • Sissy Insatiable Need for Cock 5 plays.
  • That fucking Zantosa bitch, man.

Author Cambrian. Author crazychloe. Author SexTheHex. Author DraceDomino. Author MadWrither. Author Ohyesregret. Author MightyMoosifer. Author dystopialegion. Author bopoznuvt. Author Nufta. Author chr2s-cr1ss. Author brownbear Author Kodoro. Author MrDinkley. Author DresdenQ. Author Someonewhosegod. Author sailorio. Author burningflame. Author Sprinkles. Check Out My Patreon!


Sign Up Sign In. Search Music:. Browse By:. Created October 16, by SissyLeslie. Pop-out Player. Add to my Playlist. I Wanna Suck Cock plays.

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Soundgasm feminization. Mature Content

Good preparation for submissives wanting to get nice and horny before a scene. Good for those who listen to files commanding climax, whatever their source, and for fantasies involving the timing of climax. Includes instructions to cum when frminization feeling becomes too much, but maybe you'll hold out til the end. Awaken in a Relationship phases psychology blood farm, and be drank from, systematically cleaned off, fucked, and then Sojndgasm on the brink of consciousness as the vampire women who are your jailers, owners, tormentors, sexual obsession, and only link to another "person" in the world, move on to the next stall. This is a script fill as part of my "with a twist" script idea. I randomly picked it from the ones people asked me to do, and then made it without compromising on the writer's original piece at all. I give myself 1 month to come up with a twist or sequel and create it in full then post it. Soundgasm feminization is just a self imposed challenge to try and Soundgasm feminization things i make to be different from time to time. If you have something you would like to see made and wouldn't mind a sequel or a twist, tell me and I will put it in the list. I've had a lot of encouraging feedback. This was fun.

Toggle navigation Chirbit. Zantosa PRO. Good morning, bitch.

This is in the same spirit as my Butt audio, but it is its own unique thing, not some remix. Playlist order: Any Induction This file. Strap on.

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Erotic humiliation is consensual psychological humiliation in order to produce erotic excitement or sexual arousal. This can be for the person being humiliated and demeaned or . MI = Moaning instructions. Never thought I'd make this audio, but I decided to do this one in the spur of the moment. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go question my life choices. Logo Home Login Signup Contact. suzy play stop. mute unmute max volume. repeat [F4M] Blackmailing a Sissy [Script by /u/wtp][Sissification][Feminization][Femdom][Futa][Blackmail][Oral][Rape] my appreciation for .

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The Secrets of VOICE FEMINIZATION (ft. my MAN voice) - MtF Transgender

Author: Crissy M.

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