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I can t stand my wife

But look at it that way: at least she's still nagging. I sincerely hope his wife sees this, divorces him and hits that alimony jackpot with the kids and never looks back. Man up. Have you asked her on a date and reminded her how attracted to her you are? Could be any number of things. Visit Stop Marriage Divorce. Each one wants the kids and the war begins. This dad is not having it so much that he regrets having the children that are creating a war zone in his home hours before he truly would like to wake up. Do you know how easy it is to take your spouse for granted? Where are these emotions coming from? This does not auger well for your future aspiration of complete openness and connection with someone else. IP address and user agent string data from all visitors is stored in rotating log files on Amazon servers for up to 7 days. And I have to find hobbies for myself to be at least somehow happy — tennis, guitars and piano are three major things I do in the extra time I have besides work. My guess is that she is exhausted with the new baby and needs some help and support from her husband, but she sees you as being short tempered and checked out. These are the good years.

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Remember Me? Your body is growing, changing and chemically completely different than what it was before pregnancy. FeministInPink is offline. Well, either this person has poor grammar or english skills, or this dark poem was written in the throws of an angry rant -- this dad giving very few shits about his iambic pentameter. How can someone who has held new life that he created say the word "hate" towards it? User Name. Old , PM Thread Starter. If you start to feel hatred, it's time to make some type of changes. Facebook Plugin This site contains features that can publish your forum posts on Facebook and show them to your Facebook friends.

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However, if it starts to feel like you're resenting or hating your family -- like this dad -- it's time to reevaluate your situation. Rowan , Satya , 3Xnocharm and 2 others like this. Others are a lot of teenagers lamenting their hatred for their parents -- but, in an interesting turn of events, some of the posts are parents posting their less than enthusiastic feelings towards their families. Talk alone is not going to solve everything. You wife is exhausted and struggling to adjust to the drastic change in lifestyle that having a newborn in the house implies. This is an easy feeling to have during marriage. Its unbearable to me. Do not have an affair. Your body is growing, changing and chemically completely different than what it was before pregnancy. Please subscribe to sign in to comment. Stop Procrastinating - Get Started Now! Then after we divorced and I got some counseling and gained some real self perspective I realized that I had only myself to blame for my anger management issues. I have many married friends who vent to me about their marriages. It's not just your wife. The forum and your user page of the site may display your Facebook profile picture and will keep it current with your profile picture as it changes on Facebook.

Tell Me About It: I have no feelings for my wife any more

  • The time now is PM.
  • Breakfast demands for food items you ran out of.
  • One thing mothers are known to experience is postpartum depression.
  • Then, you start to think something is wrong with you -- like this dad who is dealing with his own gamut of depression.
  • You have faced three crises already in your relationship: the counselling, the moving out of the bedroom and your recent statement that you are not in love.
  • He simply said he can't stand the site of his wife, not that he didn't think his own children don't resemble him at all.

It's been years of infrequent sex and lots of nagging. But now, I've gotten to where I don't even want to kiss her, much less get naked with her. Any of you been there? What did you do? I don't even know where I go from here. Share Share this post on Digg Del. Welcome to LS. Sorry about your situation. Vent here!! How long have you two being married and together? Aside sex, how is your relationship? Originally Posted by Spit. You might want to get checked for lowt. In the past, when I was chasing tail, the hunt, I could care less if I liked the woman or not.. So what do you care when it comes to the wife?.. No offense. Just curious. Why not take a cruise together somewhere fun, or take a vacation?

“After 40 Years, I Can’t Stand My Husband”

You want to be at the centre of your family's lives, to be included, wanted and loved, but your actions mean you are getting the opposite. Photograph: iStock. Question: The marriage was good the first year. But things started to change after our kid was stxnd. She is four years now and I find myself not happy at all around my spouse and the kid. And for the past six months, I even found mt disliking them being around me. I know it might be just my problem, and mine alone.

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I can t stand my wife.

There is no attraction. I have been feeling this Women seeking men scotland for a number of years, and I have tried to relight the fire on so ky occasions through sex and by really looking at her and appreciating her as she is. We attended marriage counselling some years back, but she stopped before we really got to deal with the issues. Five years ago, she decided to move into a separate bedroom. I had no say. I told her last year I could no longer live with her and that I had no feelings for her. She caved in and said she would try to change. She has made some changes, but for me the fire went out and I have not been able to reignite my feelings for her. At this point in my life, I would rather that we r friends. She is a not a bad person; I think we are just not compatible. I would like to see her meet someone who will make her happy. I need unconditional love.

There is no attraction, and I have been feeling this way a number of years

I don't like my wife. It's painful to say that, isn't it? The woman you were once crazy about is now someone you find unappealing. There are endless reasons why relationships end up in a place like this. If you're a man experiencing this now you're likely contemplating the idea of divorce. That's completely understandable given how you feel.

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May 02,  · Discussion about Can't stand my wife [Page 9] at the GodlikeProductions Conspiracy Forum. Our topics include Conspiracy Theory, Secret Societies, UFOs and more! I don’t think that’s unusual. Anyone who is married has probably felt it at one point or another. God knows I have, but it does open doors for some self exploration: Are you an “unhappy man” because of her or because you’re not doing the things yo. Tell-Tale Signs That it's Time to Divorce Posted by thank God I'm not alone. I can't stand my husband, married almost 17 years with 4 kids. First of all my wife and I has not had sex in a very long time we use to when we slept in the same bed together I try to get her to sleep with me she always comes up with an excuse her neck hurts.

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