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Pics of tiny homes

Bathroom Swap. He showed us around in his really cool tiny house. On the inside, there are wood-paneled walls and ceiling to match the wood style flooring. I think another reason for this is how they have placed the windows. The Spiesses managed to fit a washer and dryer in this 2-foot-wide closet, which still has another 4 square feet of overhead storage space to boot! Compare the latest tech gear. Its rounded frame clad in larch wood brings unique essence to its exteriors. Built in , the charming Redlands, California property was originally the gardener's residence on a large estate. This treehouse-slash-guest room looks small from the outside, but boasts a living room, office area, and bedroom within. This creatively-designed tiny house on wheels featuring hobbit-style round door, curved roof and shingled exteriors is a mystic creation by Tennessee-based Incredible Tiny Homes. Living area inside the Utopia tiny house, which serves as a full time home for two Credit: Baluchon.

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There are retractable walls that hide behind furniture and other required accessories to let homeowners make ideal use of the available floor space. It is made from CLT boards that ensures thermal efficiency and sound insulation. Animal lovers can get behind this square-foot abode by Daystar Tiny Homes. You heard it here first, folks: Living large or even medium-sized is officially a thing of the past! No thanks. He actually built everything here himself and he did an amazing job! Bathroom Swap. Christina Salway. It is suitable for those who want to enjoy conveniences of a regular house in a tiny house on wheels. Notice how natural and light everything seems.

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James Merrell. David Hillegas. Wind River Tiny Homes hid tons of sneaky spots in the Triton for the stuff you can't downsize. Apollo Fifty years since that One Small Step. Embrace Off-The-Wall Ideas. Pet Palace. You can follow their journey and see photos of their cute pup on the Facebook page Expedition Happiness. The dark colors on the inside are the same color as the darker wood on the exterior. This is also a very nice tiny house. An off-the-grid home , dubbed the Floatwing by the Portuguese firm Friday , is both the ideal home base for people who love water activities swimming, fishing or just find floating supremely relaxing. A galvanized roof provides protection, a side window acts as a fun "drive-through," and planters out front provide a manicured, landscaped feel. Made by tiny house builder Zyl Vardos, this mobile home features wood-paneled exterior, Onduvilla-tiled roof and a number of curvy windows. It makes room for a much larger living area and when you add the high ceiling you get a very open and nice tiny house.

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  • The next one is one of our favorites.
  • Shack by the Sea.
  • The Ondine's staircase has an alternating step layout Credit: Baluchon.

Over the last years, we have interviewed and filmed a ton of tiny houses. Houses on wheels primarily. In this post, we have gathered the very best of the best. They do a really good job and they are also very popular. The houses are built kinda like a 5th wheeler with a gooseneck mount for a truck. And you need a good truck to two this bad boy. The inside is very spacy and the kitchen area takes up a lot of the space. This makes perfect sense as many tiny house people love to cook. We love how this house is very open, white, and just overall spacey. There are many different ways to configure the house. You can seal off the bedroom area above the toilet among other things. This tiny house is actually built and designed 30 min from where we live! Man, these guys did a great job with the design and floorplan of this house. The dark panels and the staircase really make this house stand out. We really like the mix of dark and light colors here. The layout is very unique and it really makes sense when you study the floor plan. Notice the dining table as well as the cute and stylish windows. Maria really enjoyed filming this Tiny house. It was really fun to actually film a Danish tiny house As we are Danish , But it was also very different from many of the other designs we have seen so far.

Tiny House Ideas: Inside Tiny Houses – Pictures of Tiny Homes Inside and Out

Of course, there are some drawbacks as well, hitting the road makes you forget them all. Built by Bulgarian architect Hristina Hristova, Koleliba is an oiled-plywood box with broad glazing and a glass door that slide out to let in plenty of fresh air and natural light. The wood-clad exteriors easily blend with natural surroundings, while white oiled cladding and plywood keep the interior space connected with nature. Featuring aluminum body and double-paned windows, Living Vehicle is an incredible creation by Californian architect Matthew Hofmann. It comes fully furnished and can comfortably accommodate a family of six. There are smart features, solar panels, and a security system too.

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Pics of tiny homes. 11 Great Tiny House Designs | Inside Tour & Interior Plans (VIDEO)

Some say constraint breeds creativity, and a particularly pleasing place to see this in action is inside the burgeoning tiny house movement. If not a necessity, bedroom lofts are a very commonly used device in tiny home construction. They ask inhabitants to do away with any semblance of respectable headroom, but in return they make way for bigger kitchens, enclosed bathrooms, dining spaces and lounge areas. We often see staircases leading up to these lofts put to use as storage cupboards and drawers for hiding away bits and pieces, which helps create low-clutter interiors whose orderliness defies these very tight confines. And although the tiny living movement is defined by a Pof keyword search to do without the material goods and luxuries that accompany a typical lifestyle, you'll be amazed by how some folks strike a balance. We've seen tiny houses with jacuzzis and large dining spaces, and those featured here make clever use of space to include gyms, wine racks, claw foot baths and four-burner stoves. And on top of that, they are stunning examples of tasteful interior design at work. Jump on into the gallery for a look at some our favorite tiny home interiors. The Breezeway by Tiny Heirloom measures 8. The interior of Pics of tiny homes Acadia has been fitted with fixtures and metal accents, which work with the white shiplap walls to create an industrial feel Pics of tiny homes Wind River Tiny Homes. The Laurier's mirror, on the left wall, can be pulled downwards to use as a table Credit: Minimaliste. View of the Laurier's living room from the loft Credit: Minimaliste. The Ondine's main living area Credit: Baluchon.

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Tiny homes aren't just about looking cute — they're part of a growing movement that promotes sustainable living. Many designers have figured out innovative ways to make these small homes amazingly well-equipped and, yeah, pretty adorable too. A visit to Music City doesn't mean you have to stay in the city. Located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, this Airbnb listing offers Southern living on a small scale. Spend every waking moment on Alpha Tiny Home 's fold-down porch.

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Tiny House Photos: On The Road. To find articles and tips from my Tiny House Travel Journal, written during my one-year road trip, click here. For interior photos, click here or scroll When documentary filmmakers Merete Mueller and Christopher Smith set out to make a movie about people living in tiny homes, they became so intrigued with the lifestyle that they built their own square-foot cabin. The film, TINY: A Story About Living Small, premiered on March 9, Oct 19,  · If you've ever been sitting at home wishing that you could get away from it all, we found several unique tiny houses that let you do exactly that. Take your show on the road in one of these homes on wheels where space may be compromised, but style and substance are not.

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29+ Best Tiny Houses, Design Ideas for Small Homes

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