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Is it safe to put gold bond on your balls

I always thought it was specifically for afterward. Doesn't do anything for your cock, but is pretty cool on your balls. I'd be poking her in her face if she tried to blow on my balls They can trim hemorrhoids with a laser nowdays. Everytime I get out of the shower I dry off powder them up. Is it OK to use this Gold Bond lotion on your face? Supplement Wars! Looks like a piece of chicken waitin to be fried, but feels nice yes. I have a penis of about 5. BakedPigeon Banned. A miracle powder that can best be described as "A tropical breeze on your nutsack!

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That's what's up right there. Absinthe Permed Banned. Dec 14, 6, 0 0. Is it OK to use this Gold Bond lotion on your face? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. By Certifiable , March 12, in Off Topic. Motown Spartan months. I can see the commercial now. Is your chest hair silver?

Gold Bond on your nuts

Do you think he will die in prison??? You learn something new every day. You guys all know what I'm talking about: itchy, sweaty balls. Gold Bond on your nuts Have any of you guys ever put the gold bond medicated powder on your balls? It feels like a thousand angels blowing on your balls. Answer Questions Will testosterone pills make my voice deeper? I accept. Posted March 13, Wash your fucking balls. You could make millions i tell ya!

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  • Use a little on the ass too.
  • Thats one of the best complements a guy can get from women.
  • It's perfect for when you chaffe.
  • Wash your fucking balls.
  • However, recreational use is encouraged.

Need Help? United States. Thread: Gold Bond on your nuts. Gold Bond on your nuts Have any of you guys ever put the gold bond medicated powder on your balls? The feeling is something else. At first you won't feel anything, but maybe a minute or less into it they will tingle like a mofo. Lasts maybe 10 minutes if that. Pretty amazing. Doesn't do anything for your cock, but is pretty cool on your balls. And you guys thought I was crazy when I let you in on the hot water in the shower secret, lol. You should try it. Disclaimer: The thoughts and words in the above post are the product of an internet persona and are for entertainment purposes only. There is no basis in fact, especially regarding feelings about women or the use of chemicals. You can have her back when I am done. I have my doctorate and am educated in several different fields, human anatomy being one of them.

Is it safe to use foot powder on your balls if they itch from being sweaty?

By CertifiableMarch 12, in Off Topic. I usually apply a nice layer of Gold Bond baby powder to my grundle while lying on the floor on my back following a shower. It's the best feeling ever going to class when I have a smooth, airy, flowing feeling in my crotch. It puts me in a much bettter mood. Does everyone else powder their balls? It yojr a moment to set in, so I had time to get my pants on before the fire began to burn.

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Is it safe to put gold bond on your balls. Is gold bond ok your testicles?

The first thing that made me think of was the wilfred episode where he gets molested when he's later eating the ice cream. Do you put the powder on while standing, or do you do it baby style on your back with your legs Sex comics 8muses in the air? Final Countdown said It feels like Kate Upton has a mouth full of cool mints and is oh so gently blowing onto that region. Oh yeah! Dradnats months. Jul 24, Rodeo Burger 97 months. What is the preferred application method? These descriptions are intriguing

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I just rubbed my balls right before this sentence and took a wiff of my hand and it smells as fresh as a motherfucking daisy. Jan 27, 24, 0 1, Canada.

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Aug 13,  · Gold Bond Medicated Powder. An anti-swamp crotch standby since This is how Gramps powdered the balls of steel that stormed their way up Normandy. I’ve used Gold Bond Medicated Powder since my high school football days to keep a cool crotch during hot and humid Oklahoma summers. Gold Bond is triple medicated to keep you cool, dry, and Brett. Aug 24,  · Call me crazy but I don't think Gold Bond on the nutsack feels so bad nut bond feels great and is very soothing. foot bond on the other hand makes you wonder for a few minutes if you just made a huge mistake. Go to Target, Walgreen's, CVS, etc and pick up a can of Spray On Gold Bond Powder. I believe the yellow (original strength) is all that's available as a spray right now.

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