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How to break up with an alcoholic girlfriend

Super shallow stuff, I know. Be good to yourself, and give yourself some time ans space to grieve, then heal. I arrived at her house and She proceeded to get drunk in front of me and tell me that all her friends hated me for the way she treated me, her father wants me dead because he believes that I threatened to kill her absolutely did not , that the day I broke up with her she had sex with someone from my friend circle, that I am the problem pretty much and she is glad I am leaving and that I would drink too if I had her problems. Best Blogs. Understanding the rhyme to an AH reason definitely helps with closure and helps take the blame and guilt off yourself as you understand better what makes them tick. I feel very insecure because of this. I blamed her for the pain I felt, and that she chose addiction over me. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Best thing you would've done this year. When I met my girlfriend I would say she was very much like me in that respect. This is clearly an issue for you, so you need to let her know that.

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Reflect Reflection, unlike blame, is hard. Helpdesk Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. Alcoholism is a very serious physical and emotional illness. Would that have changed anything? Start using mensxp. Forum Rules. By Anonymous. When she starts day drinking I usually end up not saying anything and just defaulting to a defensive mode where I distance myself. Or am I hurting our relationship by looking way too much into their intentions?

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I'll agree with the other posters that you can't ever control her drinking, and that it's something she has to choose for herself. Reflection can be hard, especially if you feel as though you did nothing wrong. Also, her school has a 3 strikes rule and she has received two citations already for some alcohol related offenses. It has nothing to do with you. Whoever I loved is dead the alcohol has taken control and hopefully she gets the help she needs. I am not normally a fast moving person with relationships, but what can I say Any kind of positive talks from me only made him upset, so I left him alone for a while. Notify Me. Everything seemed pretty great, though I noticed at parties she would sometimes get very drunk very fast. You were dating an alcoholic. So sorry for what you've been going through. So, you have been softening her consequences and cushioning her blows--to your own detriment. It was a double whammy sucker punch, as not only was it on the heels of a supposed festive holiday season, but Thanksgiving had for years been the earmark of countless reconciliations.

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  • Maybe knowing that her drinking drove you away will be the kick in the ass that she needs to get sober.
  • Even if you do break up with her - you'll feel much less guilty looking back on this if you tell her her drinking behavior concerns you.
  • She refused to acknowledge the pain her actions caused me.

Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Thread: Breaking up with an alcoholic girlfriend. Breaking up with an alcoholic girlfriend Here's the long short of it: Started dating a girl about 2 years ago. Everything seemed pretty great, though I noticed at parties she would sometimes get very drunk very fast. I didn't think anything of it at the time, though it did start to annoy me after a certain time. Then back in March I find out she got a DWI from a night back in February where she called me to pick her up on the side of the highway because she had ran out of gas. I couldn't find her and told her to call the cops, which she did. They dropped her off at my house at around 4 or 5 in the morning and didn't tell me anything about it. After I confronted her about it she decided to go home. Turns out on the way back to her house she got drunk and passed out in her car on the side of the rode. I called her over and over because her texts made no sense and eventually a woman answered who said they were taking her to the hospital because she seemed "extremely intoxicated", which led to another DWI. Ever since then things have been getting worse and worse. I'll show up at her house and find her passed out in her bed completely drunk, and then the next day she'll say she wasn't drunk and she can't believe I'd leave after driving all the way to see her. It's so bad now that I can't even tell when she's drunk or not when I talk to her on the phone. This finally led to me calling it off with her. I really care about her and this hurts me to do it, but I can't deal with the lies and the way she is when she drinks. She already lost one job as a result and I'm worried she could lose her new job.

Ending things with an alcoholic

Guest Contributor. Being able to identify the reason for a breakup offers at Book celebrity for wedding some semblance of comfort, even if the world seems like a cold, wlcoholic place. In what felt like seconds, seven years of my life were gone. She hung up the phone on me like I was a telemarketer. The click of the phone and the dial tone that followed were the only closure I had.

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How to break up with an alcoholic girlfriend. When It's Over, It's Over -- The Sad Relief of the Final Chapter With the Alcoholic/Addict

This blog is somewhat similar to a previous one I wrote titled "When is it time to throw in the towel? It was a double whammy sucker punch, as not only was it on the heels of a supposed festive holiday season, but Thanksgiving had for years been the earmark of countless reconciliations. I had kept the light in my imaginary window going for years, believing again and again that this new recovery after yet another relapse would be the one that would stick to the wall. I wanted so badly to believe that the reality of the situation was becoming cloudier and cloudier to me. And of course I had invested so much time and cared so deeply for this person that I couldn't just abandon or question his belief in himself, or I was told I wasn't being supportive. So, how did I finally get that last bit of unrealistic, happily-ever-after gum off my shoe that my loved one was FINALLY going to get the notion that life with me and sobriety was better than drinking? Over the years there had been as many relapses as attempts at recovery. The relationship started stalling out as we went from cohabiting to being exclusive with each other though living separately, to friendship and then to ground zero. The Anal china porn relapse proved to be my final emotional breaking point. So, How to break up with an alcoholic girlfriend few days after this revelation sank in, I wasn't surprised when the raging alcoholic what a common phrase Like a ton of bricks I had all of the sudden hit my bottom as I realized that this was now one relapse too many and even a friendship could not survive. With one quick engagement of words, he asked why I cared if he had relapsed. All of this came crashing down around me as I realized that there was sadly nothing left for me and even a friendship was now tattered to shreds.


Subscribe To Friends and Family of Alcoholics. Broke Up with Alcoholic Girlfriend.. Feel a lot of guilt.

Do I just deal with Rikanyako myself and get over it or do I do something to fix this situation? The disease whispers in her ear I enjoy getting drunk once in a while - but it's once in a while, not every second day.


Jan 17,  · In my experience, you cannot trust an alcoholic when they speak about alcohol. A person can fill decades with promises of changing, stopping, moderating, controlling, etc., and that person's partner can fill the same decades with hope, love, frustration, fear, worry, and disappointment. Mar 14,  · Reeling from a break up with my alcoholic girlfriend After a lot of procrastination I have decided to write my first post to share what I've just been through. I've been in a same sex relationship with an alcoholic woman (31 years old) for about a year and a half. Oct 22,  · Dealing with your Girlfriend's Alcohol Issues. Don’t make it seem like she is doing you a favor by trying to give up alcohol. The problem lies in her addictive tendencies and not yours. If you turn this exercise into something she is doing to please you, it will never bear the desired Mensxp Team.

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