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How big is considered hung

Big girthy cocks are just way to big to get into my tight asshole. Add a comment. Maybe if you measure from your taint. Punishment for sin-Lake of Fire Revelation 3. Is my bf considered hung? There are way too many of them. Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Ok, I measured him with my sewing tape measure. He keeps saying how big he is. Hung is short for well. Well, I'd assume by definition, "well hung" would be anything above the average adult male size which is about inches flaccid and inches erect. The average flaccid penis while stretched was 5. Anal tearing is a solid 6 or 7 on the pain scale.

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Health Men's Health. Is your chest hair silver? Anything less isn't worth bragging about. Oh I just realized I wrote 5" of the population All rights reserved.

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What flaccid penis size is considered hung? Report Abuse. According to their findings, the average flaccid hanging penis was 3. That is all that matters. Ha ha, no. Is that normal? Porn stars who look like they have huge cocks are usually ". Considering the average flaccid penis is 3. Free Instant Download. Questions like:. It's about 7.

What Flaccid Penis Size is Considered Hung? Here's the number

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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Thread: Is my bf considered hung? Is my bf considered hung? Ok, I measured him with my sewing tape measure. He seems pretty big for me, but I haven't had too much experience. Is that size considered well hung? Or average? Originally Posted by Luyen. Originally Posted by CSB. If you think he is then he is. That is all that matters. He keeps saying how big he is. That is why. That is his ego. If he defines himself by the size of his penis then perhaps yopu should reconsider him as bf material.

How big is "hung"?

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How big is considered hung. How many inches is Hung/Well Hung considered to be?

Sign up or log in to share. I don't see how f. It's like, uselessly big. It's just a novelty thing, something people might be curious about trying just to say that they had the experience, not something that's likely to even be enjoyable, let alone something you want on a regular basis. Noooo thank you. I agree with Katie, I think 7 or above would be considered 'well hung', but that doesn't necessarily reflect what I want. I've been with a couple guys around the That's the experience I have with consifered. I'm 7. Bib even turned me down and asked how I consideered with it lol. Yeah, that Brian pumper bukkake explain why I'm probably single. Being 7. Curvier women tend to be able to handle it.

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What flaccid penis size is considered hung? The way I see it, any penis larger than mine is huge! What constitutes a large, medium, or small penis has many definitions. So, gents. Are you ready for a deep dive into how big is big enough, how big is too big, and how much you should care in the first place?

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Aug 30,  · * A well hung guy would probably be in the 8" x " and up range. I ran into people on the net,who consider 8 to 9 inch's not considered well hung or well endowed to 9 inches is thought of well Hung,well-endowed or Doc Thompson. May 09,  · I just do not see a reason to be concerned about any of this, as for the ego part, having the biggest penis in the universe means nothing more than that, having a big penis, it won't make a lady think/feel differently about someone, it comes last on the list, if at all. Sep 20,  · Most guys that I have seen that are considered hung have been soft at the time. Places such as locker rooms, I have seen guys with monster cocks, just hanging there. I don't know how much bigger they are when erect. As for hard cocks, to me a 7 incher is big, so 7 and above is hung when hard. A 5 inch softy looks hung as well.

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