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Cooper jackson hunter reviews

I do like the all metal magazine that is detachable. All I can say is wow I wouldn't hesitate to buy another. I could still smell the distinct order of tilled earth, and knew it hadn't been long since the elk were there. Any way I will never part with my 7 as it's just the way I want it now but I still will dream about these custom jobs. I really like the Cooper Submitted by numbnutz on Thu, Firearm Hunting Gear and Products. Indeed our review model, chambered in Winchester, shoots outstanding with IMR and gr Sierra Match King bullets, delivering one hole three shot groups at yards. Good thing about a 22lr it is affordable to shoot and your grandkids won't shoot the barrel out! I have a few and had an issue with 1 last year. The detachable box magazine locks up at the front of the magazine. Its a wonderful gun. For comparison I have 4 other. I really like the Cooper rifles. The bull spun out of sight. A little Submitted by Still Hunter on Tue,

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I shoot a Cooper Model 52 in a Win Mag. Another nod for the Cooper - great workmanship and accuracy, just put a scope on them and go hunting. I was able to pick out every detail from stock,trigger,action,barrel,barrel length. Called Cooper, they suggested switching out the bases. Change width. How far do you plan on shooting? Still, some broken meadows waited up near tree line, and the fresh snow might have them grazing where we could get a look.

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Great product and great people. Cooper rifles "delivering one hole three shot groups at yards" out of the box is an attractive plus for me. A tiny patch of tawny hide was apparent through a tangle of Douglas fir limbs. View Profile. It would be nice if I could get one that is identical to HS precision rifles so that I could have exactly the same feel from the 22 to the 7mm and 6. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. I'm not in a hurry to buy as I've got a big vet bill coming in that I have to pay for first. If I decide to finish my build or go with a Cooper it will be a ways down the road before it happens. No lead time as I bought it from a dealer. Joined: Jan Posts: 4, drover Campfire Guide. I do like the all metal magazine that is detachable.

Cooper Jackson Hunter | Hunt Talk

  • Bring them in on a string.
  • I dwell from time to time if I were to purchase a quality high end rifle would I be a better shot.
  • I did short write-up on jaackson tour and my intitial experiences testing the rifle here After that project, I couldn't wait to get the rifle in the hunting fields.
  • Yea, it is consistently accurate.

Print Thread. Thinking of scrapping my. I see a lot posted on Kimbers but unfortunately they don't make a. If I decide to finish my build or go with a Cooper it will be a ways down the road before it happens. So what would be the pros vs. A no-brainer! Get the Cooper 'Excalibur'. With the Cooper, accuracy will not be a question. Have lots of experience with coopers. You can't go wrong. Great workmanship and outstanding shooters. I think that the reason there aren't many Cooper post on the Campfire is that there isn't anything much to complain about. They just shoot! Another nod for the Cooper - great workmanship and accuracy, just put a scope on them and go hunting. I have never had a disapointment with one. I think you would like the Cooper and you would be hard pressed to find something better right out of the box.

Cooper Jackson Squirrel Rifle Review

Anybody here have a custom rifle made by Cooper Firearms? If so, I have a few questions: 1. Are you happy with the rifle? What was the leadtime quoted for your gun? Did they deliver close to their quoted leadtime? I am taking a serious look at their Excalibur Model 52, just cant make up my mind on what caliber I want.

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Cooper jackson hunter reviews. Cooper Jackson Hunter

View Original: Rokslide. Well, of course I would! Robby already had the Excaliber in 7mm Magnum in the deer woods, and he knew I would love to try it pursuing elk in my home state of Montana. You can read about his experience here. I am lucky to live right down the road jacksoj Cooper's manufacturing facility near Stevensville, MT and Cooper's own Glenn May showed me around the facility. I did short write-up on that tour and my intitial experiences testing the rifle here. A couple of months after Robby's call, I rfviews myself sneaking through green timber over a quiet skiff of snow near 7, feet. We had started our hike near the valley floor well before dark, and had only cut a lone spike bull track in the past three miles. Still, some broken meadows waited up Mezger tree line, and the fresh snow might have them grazing where we could get a look. As I eased up the ridge line that calm morning, I was confident I could make good on an Cooper jackson hunter reviews. As we started to approach the openings near tree line, we suddenly came to an area of disturbed earth and snow.

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I have three and they are very accurate but they are not benchrest rifles. Been around lots of Anschutz 22lr and they are usually winning the matches, granted they are the full-blown target models, but the 2 mentioned above are built on their Model 64 target action. I'm a Cooper fan and have never experienced an issue.

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Cooper History. Although still a young company, Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. has firmly placed its mark in the history of American shooting sports by having set a standard of quality formerly reserved only to custom gunmakers. Oct 29,  · Cooper Firearms recently released their rendition of that rifle with the Model 52 Long Range. The Model 52 Long Range is based on Cooper’s Excalibur and Jackson Hunter models, designated XLR and JLR. For the review, I requested the Excalibur (XLR), chambered in The heart of the rifle is Cooper’s Model 52 Guest Contributor. Cooper Firearms Model 54 Jackson Hunter When picking out a Cooper it is generally best to start with the cartridge that you would like to own, then work your way through the actions available and stock options. The Model 21, 22, and 38 are single shots. The 52, 54, and the 56 are repeaters with some models configured with a detachable box magazine.

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