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One of the best sources of unbiased, actionable, and often really in-depth content on podcasting is from Colin Gray at The Podcast Host. Incidentally—this is significant—my main site was set up to make money. February 15, I started a blog in on the topic of crowdfunding and I launched a podcast on this same subject in November 2, The other interview is with people in other niches that can help these people take their branding to a whole new level. Also, I move my hands a lot when I talk, and that never comes across in writing, but does in video… Reply. Podcasts are great media for those with short attention spans. February 22, Or all three? Search for:. Many podcasters out there also have blogs where they publish the podcast. May 2,

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You could write a post and simply read it into a microphone and hit publish so your content is written and audio. He really is the podcast answer man, and his blog is one of the best podcasting blogs. During that time I also had a guest post go live on Rich20Something. March 14, Also, many of the shows were very amateurish.

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This may be an obvious question after reading the post and seeing the difference in stats but if you were to start over today and could only choose one, which would you do, the blog or the podcast? First: If you can get the domain for your name, go grab it. Or maybe I should be doing video? The Transcript Sonia Simone: Greetings, superfriends! Brian makes fun of me for all kinds of things. I was wondering what you thought about blogging vs podcasting when it comes to monetization. Does anyone else remember how devastating this was? May 27, I also have a book out there on Podcasting which will quickly get you started so that you can start publishing new show episodes and rack up downloads! And when you can make friends you can build community… and that is a whole other blog post for another day. My Red Paperclip Story. June 23, Podcasts are great media for those with short attention spans. This post may contain affiliate links.

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I started a blog in on the topic of crowdfunding and I launched a podcast on this same subject in Having both a blog and a podcast has given me a unique perspective on the difference between the two mediums. Blogging reached its peak in popularity just around — The term was trending on very news website around the world. Celebrities were starting blogs about their life. Ordinary people were now able to share their opinions. We heard about people earning six figures by doing nothing by writing online. They were gaining the attention of a massive audience of loyal readers. It seemed magical. Then… the term blogging kind of died down. It kind of left the public mindshare. This is right around when I started my own blog, in The important thing to note was that while interest in blogging from everyday Americans was dying down, the industry itself was alive and well. In fact, it was going through a bit of a transformation. They were about sharing education, news, entertainment, etc. I want to give you a clear idea of how blogs get traffic, make money, and the skills required. The main way that educational blogs get traffic is through search engine optimization. People are typing key words into google and coming across the individual blog articles. This is how big-name websites get traffic and smaller ones. Entertainment blogs tend to see traffic from social sharing websites like Facebook and Twitter.

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No argument there. All have their place and are valuable if done well. It interviews high-profile, high-powered business people, like Seth Godin Baptist dating service serial startup entrepreneur Gary Blog or podcast. People are immediately getting a sense of who you are because, surely, you are being who you are. What I found is your audience really feel like they have a relationship with you — they start to understand things about your personality. A great example is Modern Babiesa branded podcast for fertility clinic, Genea. The podcast aims to explain the process of fertility treatment through interviews with clinicians, which builds that credibility and trust for those who are looking to conceive. For consumers of content, sitting down and concentrating on a blog takes too much time, when they could be doing something else.

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Blog or podcast. Blog or Podcast? 5 Questions to Help You Decide

I help millennials live with passion and purpose while doing work that gives them freedom and supports their lifestyles. Traditionally, this generation was told to poccast blogs and websites with portfolios. Adding to that would oor a strong social media podcasf. Even video was touted. Podcasts were Blog or podcast mentioned. But millennials have found that podcasts can be an important part of their branding toolkits — important enough that they appear to be abandoning blogs for them. Perhaps, this transition began as millennials realized that they themselves were not reading many blogs. Blog or podcast they were not reading blog posts that much, their own audiences were probably not either. The popularity of podcasts is certainly growing. Additional evidence for the growing popularity of podcasts is the fact that major legacy media organizations such as New York Times and Wall Street Journal and newer digital media organizations such as Slate and Buzzfeed are all heavily investing in podcasting. Podcasts are great podcawt for those with short attention spans. With their headphones, listeners can do laundry or yard work while they listen. With their earbuds, they can work out, drive to and from work and walk their dogs. Teen taxi porn, which requires eyes as well, does not always work in these environments.

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So that is one of the steps I am stuck at the moment. May 19, Pin 4.

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Apr 4, - Today's content marketing question: Should I blog or should I podcast? Or maybe I should be doing video? Or all three? Or do I even need a. Dec 2, - Where do you stand on the blog vs podcast argument? Is blogging dead? How do you SEO or monetize a podcast? Kathleen made the switch. Should you start a blog or should you start a podcast? Which medium will make you more money and which is best (given your skills)?. I started a blog in

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