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Writing is the FUN part. Tracy is correct. When not even your family understands? We can all use help. Please do. Thank you for your reply Rebecca. When I try the initial link, it says private forum like you said it would. Good luck, Chump Lady!!! Notify me of new posts via email. I mean, I think congrats. I described what I wanted and the amazing Chump Lady created a cartoon so much better than I ever dreamed of. After just rereading it I am amazed at what I put up with and what I lived with, all those years wasted worrying about whether he had personal ads, impregnated anyone, still communicating with some young woman in Sudan. Oh and the occasional spitting of coffee from a funny chump. I am an ignoramus. And I think you should get rich off this!

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Hope this can be figured out! You get forum access and all the community bonuses described above. That is how I was introduced to CL and found the blog and forums. As soon as I found her, I quit my therapist. We were together for 25 years married for 8 and raised two children well, I raised them and she showed up from time to time. That would give time to make connections with existing support.

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Much love and gratitude, UnderConstruction. This is the first place I recommend for new chumps to find their legs. Dear Chump Lady, My wife and I started dating when we were in college. You do a great job and thanks for being here for all of us. Thank you, Tracy, for finding a way to keep it going. Reconciliation and Entitlement Real Remorse? It was the first time I ever invested in a piece of art. And SheChump, thanks for letting me use your post as a springboard. Liz C. I am in IT and totally understand all of the issues Tracy has been having. That is how I was introduced to CL and found the blog and forums. - Leave a cheater, gain a life

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  • ETA: I am not a spammer or black hat qnd never have been.
  • Just you hurry up and get that book published.
  • So I just registered with this name and that was that.

Here is the post from Chump Lady. You are still there and willing to stay behind with the children while he goes off to live his life with God knows who? When you are in the middle of this kind of shit show you are not thinking straight. Naive yes I know. After just rereading it I am amazed at what I put up with and what I lived with, all those years wasted worrying about whether he had personal ads, impregnated anyone, still communicating with some young woman in Sudan. I hope the woman who wrote to Chump Lady takes her advice to heart but I have my doubts; she will want to be fair and honest and will tell him what she is planning in hopes he will finally realize she is serious and not want to lose her. He will lay some guilt trip on her and she will doubt herself and cling to the dream and hope, just happy that he told her a good enough lie that she could continue to lie to herself. I think everyone at one time or another thinks, "If I only knew then what I know now. No experience is a waste as long as you learn from it and if I can save someone else making the same mistakes I made, then it makes it all worth while. If I don't have an answer I will research it until I do. I have a sweetheart of a dog named Stella, a 4 year old Pitbull, Mastiff cross. I am artistic, enjoy bringing new life to antiques, gardening, refurbishing and repurposing other people's "garbage", reading, writing and being outside in nature. I have a 34 year old son who I am extremely proud of and a 7 yr old granddaughter I don't see near enough. I live on welfare after a lifetime of working full time because I have heart failure. I have gone from being a home owner and landlord to being homeless and living in my car. I continually strive to be the best me that I can be and look at life as a learning experience and an opportunity to learn about other people and myself. Never a dull moment! View all posts by Carrie Reimer.

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Hey, I have an announcement to make — starting on Thursday, Aug. Seven years later, this site has over 26 million page views and is an international support site. A testament to the healing power of snark. But with growth comes challenges — chuck the whole enterprise or grow with it? My site, as it is running right now, is not sustainable. Every post, every comment, every forum post, every forum comment swells the size of the database. And that slows the performance and load time of the site. Discourse backs to the cloud. Oh, it is a veritable forum Shangri-La, Chump lady forum.

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Chump lady forum. Unable to load page

Go read her. Go buy her book. It begins as Hauser has just canceled her wedding and goes ahead days later with a […]. Previous generations got to break up with people and never had to see the jerks again. A hundred years ago, if you were lucky your cheater rode the rails out of town to Butte, Montana and fell down a mining shaft. If Google analytics are to be believed and they know everything right? Where are they? Bullshit artists have a real way with words. Hi Chump Lady, Please advise regarding my friend whom I think is making a mess of her life with a rebound relationship. Skinny boys tumblr ex left 3 years ago for an OW, and his best friend followed suit 6 months later for his OW, leaving my friend with 3 small kids. A whole 3 months later […].

Got a question for Chump Lady? Write to me at info chumplady. I review letters to publish them. If you do not want your letter posted, please make that clear. Chump Nation is here for support.

Two years out of the house and with the divorce final last Sexy asian gay, I am still uncertain how the finances are going to work out, but I will live under a bridge before I would go back to him. My advice comes from experience and reading tens of thousands of other chump stories. Everything else on the site remains FREE.

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Chumplady does it again! neverceases 07/19/ Hello all, The topic of her article today is "Reconciliation and Entitlement" For those that don't know, the chump lady considers true reconciliation like a unicorn-we want to believe in them but alas they are a mythical creature. She doesn't rule it out completely but she pulls no punches in. Jan 16,  · For those of you who are Chump Lady fans as we are, you might be aware of her recent post, Chump Lady Talks to Her Trolls. Trolling is a euphemism of course – in this case it’s a euphemism for anonymous and cowardly harassment and abuse – and that’s the reality of what Tracy Schorn is being subjected to by some of her critics. Check out CL’s book! © – Chump Lady, All Rights Reserved. Log in.

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Leave a Cheater, Gain a Life The Chump Lady's Survival Guide

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