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Celebrity backstage demands

Keep reading to learn all about the bizarre things some of Hollywood's biggest names allegedly needed to have before and after a show. It symobilizes a website link url. This site requires subscription to receive our email newsletters. Family Real Life. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Movies TV. But if they are not available, she'll make do with seasonal white flowers. Maybe Gomez has found very specific good luck in the comfort foods she eats. Jonas certainly has a unique dining routine! We respect your privacy and we are committed to safeguarding your privacy while online at our site. ES Best. However, the food demands are very small with strange items. Earlier this week Adele made hotel staff drive for miles to pick up a pizza for her. Rapper Jay-Z has become one of the biggest names in the world today. GO London.


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All rights reserved. The reputation of Bieber is quite negative as many people view him as a huge egomaniac. If you thought British people were the only ones obsessed with the royals, you were wrong. Other than that one strange request, Gomez just needs chicken pot pie and pickles. Legal Disclaimer Though we make every effort to preserve user privacy, we may need to disclose personal information when required by law wherein we have a good-faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with a current judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on any of our sites. Sport Explainer. Supposedly, Clooney requested a hot tub, custom-made beach hut , and basketball court to be installed near his trailer while making the movie Gravity. His other Blue Ivy demands include ensuring the whole suite is childproofed: lamps, statues and breakable items removed; sharp edges, corners and electrical outlets covered. So let's move on.

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Regardless, it does seem a bit dramatic to deliver elaborate lists of things they demand to be in the room upon arrival. Property news. Britney Spears. Paul McCartney. Eminem clearly has a unique eating routine. The live performances of Jonas bring in huge success and makes a lot of money for the venues he performs at. Family Real Life. They range from bizarre items to normal meals. Looking Back at the Manson Family Murders. Justin Bieber.

The 30 Absurd Celebrity Riders of All Time

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  • The Demands: Arrangement of pink fresh flowers.
  • Seeing Carl's face reminds me of it.
  • Obviously, the people to whom she made the request considered her wish as bizarre as we do and they did not approve it.
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  • Oh and, just so you know, Mariah Carey says she ''doesn't do stairs.

Katy Perry has some strange demands for her dressing room flowers. Getty Images. Broadly speaking, tour riders outline all the terms that a venue must meet when an artist comes to give a performance. They generally include each artist's detailed demands for food, decorations, and other personal touches in their dressing rooms. But as you might expect, some celeb requests can get pretty exorbitant — even downright weird. We combed through dozens of leaked tour riders published on the website The Smoking Gun. Here's a look at some truly ridiculous requests made on the riders of 32 artists across the industry. Apparently Williams has been a longtime fan of "Cosmos" — the educational series that Sagan narrated. Seeing Carl's face reminds me of it. Source: The Smoking Gun. It was supposed to be stocked with "assorted Sega, Gamequest, and Sony video game cartridges. Instead they asked for water, milk, fruit and veggies, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The environmentally conscious band also asked for ample recycling bins in their eating area. I f hate that. They asked for "1 bag of Pirate's Booty. Not Johnny Depp's" and "3 whole, firm, boderline chubby avocados," to name just a few. His rider also had a "no banana policy" that raised eyebrows until he later attributed it to an allergy on his touring team. Source: Consequence of Sound.

8 Weird Celebrity Requests

Earlier this week Adele made hotel staff drive for miles to pick up a pizza for her. Adele was staying at the luxury Soho Farmhouse retreat in Oxfordshire but requested her dinner Celebrity backstage demands collected from a pizzeria in Kensington, London. The unlucky hotel staff set off on a mile round trip to get the pizza that the London-born star had asked for, but when the pizza arrived 4 hours later the singer had fallen asleep. The singer demands a brand new bespoke toilet seat at every show. Whilst this might sound outrageous, Halen defended his demand saying this request was present alongside vital Health and Safety demands. McCartney requires 6 floor plants, but the plants in demajds must be as full at the bottom as they are at the top, and specifically no tree trunks. He also asks for one arrangement of Dfmands lilies, another arrangement of pale pink and white roses as well bafkstage one final arrangement of freesia, which are rumoured to be his favourite.

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Celebrity backstage demands. Here Are The Ridiculous Things Celebrities Demand

We sifted through 20 of them to find bakstage what A-listers want in their dressing rooms. Some celebrity requests may confirm diva suspicions — a barber's chair and a Coke and Hennesey slushy Celebrity backstage demands for Kanye West. But we were backwtage by other requests, such as an electric Similar to craigslist personals canada, a smoothie station and one rap star who demanded Lunchables. The Demands:. Adele asks for chicken salad sandwiches, Marlboro Lights, the "best quality" red wine and 6 metal teaspoons in her dressing room. She also bans organic honey. All mugs should be new, washed and dried. Sandwiches must NOT contain tomatoes, vinegar, chili or citrus fruit. Among Kanye 's requests are a barber's chair, Carmex lip balm, shower shoes and a plethora of alcohol. The singer insists on blue or black drapes layered with "icy-blue chiffon. The Demands: All rooms must maintain a constant temperature of 68 to 75 degrees. Don't bring Katy Perry carnations. In addition to very specific flower rules, the "Teenage Dream" singer's food list is quite specific complete with freeze-dried strawberries and Santa Margarita Pinot Grigio. Arrangement of pink fresh flowers. Fuze slenderize assorted flavors A jar of quality honey Plastic drinking straws Imagine going to the grocery to buy this list of items.

Celine Dion's dressing room must be exactly 73 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a 2008–2009 rider.

There might be plenty of essentials a touring musician or celebrity needs for life on the road, like a glam squad or green room with a spread of snacks. But there are also those added extras. Other highlights include Mary J. For a snack, she apparently requested chicken legs heavily seasoned with cayenne pepper. White blasted the media for picking up the story and defended himself in a statement that claimed the recipe was an inside joke with his tour manager.

Don't bring Katy Perry carnations. Parent Opinion. Justin Timberlake.

Celine Dion's dressing room must be exactly 73 degrees Fahrenheit, according to a 2008–2009 rider.

Feb 3, - Find out which celebrities have certain demands, some may surprise you. Being a celebrity affords a person certain luxuries, including the ability to make demands ahead of performances. And while stars making crazy. Apr 30, - Famous musicians have very detailed instructions for their dressing rooms.

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