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We never share your info. For example, if you created a fill-in the blank mock exam, redo the questions in essay form or as multiple choice. FaceApp Inc. Main Features: - Smart Revision Generation: Custom made algorithm to intelligently work out what you should be revising for and when - Add Classes and Activities: Add, edit, and delete classes and extracurricular activities to your timetable for organisation in and outside of work - Add Exams: Add, edit, and delete exams, all with options for varying levels of priority and course content size, so that revision can be generated accordingly - Multiple View Timetable: Day view, week view, and month view are all available to better keep track of your routine - Import Events from Google Calendar: Avoid clashes with real life by importing events from your existing Google Calendar - Backup to Google Drive: Backup all your events and exams to Google Drive, with the ability to then view your events on other devices, including your computer! Flag as inappropriate. It's surprising. You could even make your own podcasts! Messenger — Text and Video Chat for Free. A name you can trust in Computer Science. Feel free to leave a comment on the site and let me know how you think I can make the site better. If you are an auditory learner , it is best for you to hear the information. Simple multiple choice questions can't be that effective can they? Perfect selfie with just one tap.

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After you make the list, go through and verbally read and answer the queries. Description: Smart Revision Calendar allows students to create a work and revision timetable with minimal effort. Read the section through once, focusing as much as possible on the facts and potential exam material. We have lots of mind-maps available on the site. Privacy guaranteed. Good value, helping them recap things little and often. Beyond that, students approach these methods in different ways. Flag as inappropriate. As a teacher you can see who is engaging, how often, and how successful each student is.

Revision Techniques

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Subscribe Enter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. FaceApp Inc. Smart interventions Students can use Smart Revise independently of their teacher. View details. Smart Revise is flexible - you can teach the topics of a course in any order you like. Smart Revise will continue to grow over time, not just with multiple choice questions, but with a full range of revision tools. It's surprising. After you take a break, glance through your summaries to get back on track before continuing. Lesson Materials Smart Revision.

4 Top Revision Techniques for Students : Smart Memory Power

  • Revision techniques that work for one student may not be right for another.
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  • It is ideal for students to engage with anytime, anywhere.

The Smart Revision system encourages students to regularly learn and revise across multiple subjects. If you are interested in participating in the beta, please fill out the form below. The system is designed to be used in a classroom but encourages students to revise in their own time. It produces easy summaries which can be used for instance at parents evenings. Lesson Materials Smart Revision. Copyright , Glia Learning Ltd. Website Design By: Revive.

"My students everything I have taught them."

Revision is a study skill that SSmart improve memory and enhance learning when preparing Smart revision an upcoming exam. Practice and preparation are critical tools for Secx vidio success, however; there is only one set rule when revising for a test — stay organized. Beyond that, students approach these methods in different ways. The revision techniques will depend partly on what you are studying, but some common tips do apply to every subject. Regardless of grade level, fundamental revision principles can help develop strategic study and foster memory improvement. Mind mapping takes a topic and adds a visual component to seed it in memory. Creating imagery forces the mind to associate facts and details with a picture. Reading comprehension is a Smartt part of learning. One way to concur the memorization difficulties that come from reading dry text is to create a summary of the details. Read the section through once, focusing as revisioon as possible on the facts and potential exam material.

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Smart revision. Welcome to Glia e-Learning

Craig 'n' Dave have been thinking about this problem for some time, and now we are introducing Known as "the forgetting curve", students will begin to lose the knowledge they have been taught gradually over time if they do not revisit topics regularly. How can you do that when it is difficult enough Smart revision to find the time to cover the course? Smart Revise provides an answer. Good value, helping them recap things little and often. Smart Revise presents students with multiple choice questions they can do in their own time. Solving the problem of the Smart revision curve, and better preparing them for exams. As a teacher you can see who is engaging, how often, and how successful each student is. It's surprising. Keeping key terminology and principles in a students' mind is the goal with Smart Revise. Teachers or students can toggle topics on and off so students are only tested on what they have learned already, gradually building up Juelz santana worth volume of questions over time. Choose to revise the whole course at once when exams are near, or by topic as they are taught.

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Unit 1. The UK Parliament Codified constitutions. You will be able to find past papers and specimen papers by going on your exam boards website. Or just check our site. Completing this test will allow you to see the best way for you to revise, making your revision efficient.

It's surprising. This will help format the questions. Read the section through once, focusing as much as possible on the facts and potential exam material.

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OwlSmart is an online PSLE revision system powered by thousands of questions adapted from top schools with model answers and explanations written by PSLE teachers and markers. OwlSmart is a product of Colossus Labs, a member of the QCD Group of Companies. Get in . Smart revision Network Lanka. 15K likes. Media. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page/5(9). Helping you feel confident in your GCSE Maths revision. Get example questions and solutions. Track your progress and get personalised advice.

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