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Is heaven real yahoo answers

Third question: Why does God demand the death of so many innocent people in the Bible? To explain this, you have to create some convoluted rationalization. It's that simple, and that obvious. An impersonal God. In fact, if you think about it, you realize that it is insane. Fun Thread. Because that's what human being are. Yahoo Lifestyle. A couple books I have read, both deal with issues on faith or strong belief from two different angles and if you are clever, you may find them free on the internet. In every country and church, they copied some existing texts from somewhere else and added whatever they wanted to add.

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About The Author. Just look at all ten questions as an intelligent person: 1 Why won't God heal amputees? Does our soul exist? For me there was great power in pondering the questions. Amputees get no miracles from God. Page 1 of 3. Our Greek New Testament is extremely reliable. First Name. There is only one truth.


Googled many things. I do not think that this reasoning is a slam dunk. God didnt have to do every job. Associated Press. This is how intelligent, rational people know that God is imaginary. But if we assume that God is imaginary, our world makes complete sense. Question 4: Why does the Bible contain so much anti-scientific nonsense? Question 7: Why didn't any of Jesus' miracles in the Bible leave behind any evidence? To explain this, you have to create some convoluted rationalization. Primitive men wrote the bible, not an all-knowing being. How is he merciful and a loving god if he doesnt listen and comfort us. Our world only makes sense when we understand that God is imaginary. Yahoo Answers Are Heavenly thanks yahoo answers , it certainly answered his question, but he already knew that what else this dude post on yahoo answers? But you need him for the other mysteries. When we assume that God exists, the answers to these ten questions make absolutely no sense.

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  • Everest like the Bible says.
  • If a scribe were to change the Greek text willy nilly, such bogus texts would have been rejected out of hand.
  • Then this is nonsense too.
  • Some of these are very important and generally reliable manuscripts] Also, Marcion did not have the prayer.
  • Because God is imaginary, and the Bible was written by ridiculous, ruthless men rather than any sort of loving being.

Posted by Mark Gilbert Mar 11, Spirituality 3. After a brief introduction, he simply poses questions designed to make us think about our spiritual and religious beliefs. For a short while after he published his book, Lee coordinated a weekly e-mail discussion to which I routinely contributed. His process was unique at the time, but seems now commonplace in the world of blog communications. For me there was great power in pondering the questions. I gained great personal insights by digging deep within to consider what I really thought about the question being posed. There were many times that I felt that my answers came from somewhere beyond me. The process of contemplation and allowing wisdom to flow through me has since become one of my deepest spiritual practices. I thank Lee for opening the door to this insight. In time, his weekly e-mails stopped along with our communication. The power of questions continued to unfold in my life. Therefore tomorrow, we will delve deeper into the powerful technique used by Lee, Gregg, Norm, myself as well as many others… I will offer you some questions for your own contemplation…. Re-pondering his question 10 years later, my answer expands a bit. It depends upon your worldview. So how is my answer different? Now I see how all the answers are correct, depending upon how you look at life. I see how all the answers and all our truths serve us on our path.

Is Heaven Real???????????

I have so much I want to do first. An heaevn God. Though Hawking rejected the conventional notion of God or a creator, he fundamentally believed that the universe and life have meaning, according to the New York Times. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed Turcas desnudas. Search News Search web. Jamie Ducharme. What to Read Next. Associated Press. The Daily Beast. Yahoo Lifestyle.

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Is heaven real yahoo answers. Heaven is real, says neurosurgeon who claims to have visited the afterlife

Someone commented on a question that was asked. In every country and church, they copied some existing texts from somewhere else and added All terrain skateboard they wanted to add. The gospels and the Bible were like wikipedia articles. Being edited and hesven to by people from all over. Except that everyone have their own versions. A lot of version have major differences. I have deal this or related questions many times at the web site. My general response to the comment you found at Yahoo Answers is that there is a grain of truth in the claim, but Miladine the claim is so exaggerated and so misleading that it is downright deceitful. The person who made this statement is either extremely uninformed about the actual facts of the transmission of the New Testament or is well-informed and rel purposefully deceiving his readers. I hope the former is the case. Let me explain. It is true that thousands of people made copies of the Greek text of the New Testament.

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Im losing my faith in God. Today, i just got tired of believing. Googled many things.

He uahoo to have been escorted by an unknown female companion and says he communicated with these beings through a method of correspondence that transcended language. Thread Tools.


Sep 25,  · Answers. Best Answer: Yes indeed it is real, Jesus told us this fact about Heaven,`` No eye has seen no ear has heard,nor has it entered into the heart of man what God has prepared for those who love Him`` This fact alone should put an end to human speculation about a paradise we cannot begin to imagine,but people will still insist on trying Followers: 1. Feb 24,  · Answers. heaven is real, and hell is also real but they are on this earth where you are living you can make your life a heaven, if you can or able to control your senses, body and mind. Or Followers: 2. May 14,  · Answers. Heaven is quite real, Lauren: In fact, the apostle Paul was caught up to heaven and saw such wonders that he was not even allowed to tell. He says: Eye has not seen, nor ears heard, nor has it entered into the mind of man what God has prepared for him.¨ Revelation, chapter 21 has a description of the Holy City when it descends Status: Open.

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Heaven Is For Real - Answers Vignette

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