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Dutifully on her knees, she wanted my load in her mouth. Debbie watched us avidly stabbing at herself with one of her slim fingers. I wanted to go again; Sarah said she felt a little sore. Review s 2 Add review Report. He was submissive already, and liked it when I talked rough to him. Truth be told, I was glad it just made her extra slippery to take me properly. Mark was nice enough in a cold sort of way, and there seemed to be nothing he was afraid to tell me about. And he was rock hard when we were picking out pantie! I could see it was a very old but exclusive residential apartment building with its twin bay jutting out, forming an entrance. Foxx made me do it, it was the wife of a client!!!

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Like a mug, I had no idea what was going on until I watched the housecoat drop to the floor and my eyes refused to blink. We may choose to share you but they will be people that are aware of our arrangement. He sat around in skivies drinking and talking about just about everything. Pin it. The room did have a small table that he kept calling a desk, a chair, and an old army cot as furniture. I had him sleep in my bed with me, and I spooned him so I could keep my hard cock sheathed comfortably in his tight asshole, my hips resting comfortably against those soft, pillowy cheeks. Her mum had taken her to get the pill so we were happy to cum in her. Boy meets girl at a party and finds himself snogging her in her bedroom, his hands all over her tits with her panties around her ankles.

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He rode my face letting me fuck him with my tongue. I always groaned when she said that and told me she wanted to see it happen. It could easily become an obsessional thought! There was no love, no tenderness, just raw lust and passion--a man fucking a whore! That is your duty as our houseboy, understood? I licked up his shaft as I cradled his heavy balls. He had a gravitas that I found difficult to empathise with but impossible to ignore. Man MenOnTheNet. I fucked her hard enough to make the table squeak and moan against the tiled floor. I knew my man could do much better than that. At his insistence, I stayed naked when I worked. Paul and Debbie wasted no time. You are so tight! I have some video monitors that I can use when I want to watch the intake process, monitor it.

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  • Where he previously spent his nights loitering by the club looking to get picked up and score a bit of cash, now he lives to serve me.
  • Thanks to Sarah, there was no stopping the gossip because of her big mouth.
  • Clint seemed very understanding.

He was going to vacuum my entire apartment wearing my black lace panties. I stood him in front of my dresser and laid out three pair, reached around from behind him and grasped his giant cock in my hand. And then he proceeded to clean my house. I took a picture and he said I had to find a way to put it on the internet. The last room he cleaned was my candlelit bedroom. Indeed, I was. On my bed, I languished in my tangled sheets as he moved the machine slowly back and forth. I imagined it was his cock in my sheath. Slow, steady, deep. He finished and we grabbed wine glasses and spent all of 30 seconds on the couch before he said we should go lie down for a spell. I stroked his bare member and pulled my dress off in one motion. I had on nothing else. I found it, slipped it over my head and let it dangle between my heavy breasts. I trailed the end along his stomach, splayed my fingers through his chest hair, licked the precum from the helmet of his cock, engulfed the rest in my hot mouth. I licked and sucked and we chatted in between his moans of pleasure. He found the tie and hauled me up and I mounted him and sank down slowly for a bounce or two before he flipped me over and pummeled my insides. I drenched the joints of our bodies and cried out. He flipped me again onto my stomach and began to rail into me, my buttocks slapped against his thighs softly.


By Nathan Harvey. Categories: Tales Of A Houseboy. I was at the end of my rope. Finally, I had to go to my landlord Mr. Clint to tell him after living there for only six months, I had to move. Clint seemed very understanding. It was just a matter of time before I would find something. Smiling, he asked Housebooy if I knew how to cook and Sex pickups.

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Some people collect stamps. Others, model trains, or passport stamps, or dolls. I collect boys. I find them. And they come willingly. Maybe they can sense something about me, something supportive, something paternal. A sense of comfort, a warm blanket ready to wrap them up and keep them safe. So I take them in, take them under my Houseboy sex stories, one at a time, and love them, help them. And they, in return, love me back. He was hanging out, leaning against the brick with his legs spread just a bit apart and a when I looked at him he gave me a kind of come-hither pout and ever so slightly stuck his pelvis out, just a bit, barely noticeable. He followed me silently to my car, and Housebpy in the passenger side, and when we were in we started making out. He reached down himself and grabbed my crotch and I ground it forward, pinning his hand against Houseboy sex stories arm of the seat. He moaned a bit as I slid a hand down the back of his pants, and we kept on going. To him it was an appetizer for the night; to me it was like an interview, a Cheri jacobus images to Huoseboy my newest boy.

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Sixteen year old Steve was standing out side the flat where Mrs Khan lived waiting for the door to be opened to let him in. Steve lived in a very poor area of London, his mum was an alcoholic his dad had left home many years ago which had caused his mum to start drinking heavily, there was hardly ever any food in the house so Steve had looked for a part time job and from friends had learnt about the House Boy Agency, the agency supplied staff to work for the rich at their homes as butlers or maids, the money was very good, Steve knew that he would be working naked and that the family members could touch him and play with his body the only thing they were not allowed to do was to penetrate them. The door to the flat was opened and Mrs Khan let Steve in as Steve entered the flat he saw sixteen year cool Mrs Khans daughter, cool was in the same class as Steve at school and had been nicknamed cool because she kept saying cool. Mrs Khan told Steve that she was going to a meeting and would be gone for a couple of hours but there was a list of jobs on the kitchen table for Steve to do. Facebook Twitter WhatsApp.

For the rest of the night I watched the news, and a movie, and all the while my new boy showed me how much he loved me by sitting down in Housebooy of the couch, between my legs, sucking my dick and licking my balls as I shot several loads down his throat, loads he eagerly swallowed. Before we could stop, we both released our loads at the same time.

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Jan 29, - “Piiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”, the Inverter at home sounded, UP NEPA I said as I ran to get a Polo Ralph's shirt (Still dashing oh). May 27, - I always wanted to have a house boy. This was the beginning of a very hot relationship which I will gladly tell you about in my future stories. Mar 11, - Telling me to fuck off in-between choking and retching, I ran all the way home. Caught up in a mixture of shame and exhilaration, I masturbated.

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